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Music Production Course

Music Production Course - MIDI

Thursday 21 December and Friday 22 December 2017
10am - 4pm

Course fee £65

Kennet School, Stoney Lane, Thatcham, RG19 4LL

Course leaders: Craig Tutton and Andrew Wright

This course is aimed at anyone who has an interest in learning more about recording music – attendees do not need to play an instrument. If they have a passion for music and are keen to find out more about music technology or recording then they will enjoy this course.

MIDI stands for 'Musical Instrument Digital Interface', a tool that gives each student the freedom to write music with literally thousands of virtual instruments. Whether it be modern day pop or rock, or a full orchestral score, students will be given the chance to create their own original music over the two days spent on the course.

Working at their own pace and level of understanding, students will be given help and advice from highly experienced leaders to assist in using the software effectively. Students will develop skills in writing, arranging, mixing & mastering music and will be able to take home their work upon completion. 

This is an ideal course to be an excellent foundation for GCSE or A-level Music or Music Technology, or the course can be added to the student’s CV to demonstrate their passion and commitment to developing a future career in music. Could this be a first step to becoming Britain's next top music producer?

This course is part of a suite of three courses covering aspects of music production. You may choose to attend any or all of the courses. Course dates for this academic year are as follows:

Music Production MIDI Course : 21/22 December

Music Production Recording Course : 4/5/6 April

Music Production Mixing Course : 30/31 July, 1/2 August

Click here for a map to the location of Kennet School, RG19 4LL


For any further enquiries please e-mail

Essential information

  • This is a two day course
  • Participants must attend both days
  • Registration is at 10am on both days
  • Course ends at 4pm on both days

Participants will need

  • A USB  flash drive memory stick
  • Headphones (optional)
  • A packed lunch and snacks to see you through the day



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